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About SDR Herbs Extracts & Shilajit

Long before the world discovered chemical formulations to cure diseases, the Indians had discovered the healing powers of plants and herbs in nature. The Atharvana Veda, one of the four Vedas details elaborately with the subject. Ayurveda, and indigenous school of medicine again derives all its medical formulations from plants and herbs. India, according to the Vedas, is also the land of Charaka, the Indian Hippocrates, and Susrutha, the father of surgery.

India, is an land of several cultures and traditions and the home of Ayurveda. Bestowed with lush vegetation and climatic conditions varying from hot deserts to show-capped mountains. The ancient sages of India discovered the curative properties of plants which could cure several incurable diseases. Today, the world goes back to mother nature. And from this land comes SDR, a processor of natural extracts.

With the great efforts and hard work of Mr. Saindas, the potency of herbal extracts and their propensity to ensure good health together with and altruistic urge to share this knowledge with the world to their benefit, resulted in the formation of SDR Herbs Extracts & Shilajit in the year 1979.

SDR is committed to quality, consistency and low price. 31 year of excellence made SDR pioneers in extraction and export of Herbs Extracts & Shilajit.

These are natural extracts and botanical extracts are single herb extracts are taken from seeds, barks, leaves and fruits and are used in ayurvedic drug industry for making Ayurvedic medicines. They are available in Solid Extracts (SE), Fluid Extracts (FE) and Powder Extracts (PE) forms.

Quality assurance being the touchstone is monitored directly by our Chief Executive Officer with qualified staff, Dr. Kamal Aggarwal (MD) and Dr. Rajiv Malhotra (BAMS)

Very rigit systems and controls are implemented right from the verification of the raw material. It is then collected and processed using finger printing of each batch of raw material extracted. Following good processing practices, hygienic packaging is done to ensure very rigorous quality control practices to offer optimum quality products to our customers.

The product consistency is maintained under very rigid standard operating procedures, providing true product data and information. A very dedicated program is in place to analyse the preservation of its ingredients to give our customers most efficacious products.

Research and new products

We are constantly engaged in research, resulting in a wide range of natural Dry Extracts for herbal and Ayurvedic drug industries. These products are currently under testing and we expect to release them to processor and distributors during the next year. Our research team comprises of experts and experienced professionals specialised in herbal products.

Pricing and delivery

  • We directly interact with our suppliers and there are not middleman. This enables us to price our products very competitively viable. Delivery on spot / after 1 month of booking.
  • 100% payment in advance.
  • Price may be subject to change without prior notice due to agricultural and exchange fluctuations beyond our control.

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    Suraj taapi shilajit ka 1kg ka rate kya hai


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